Most Popular Apple Products

Posted in Apple News on 27/07/2010 by Cormac Moylan


We recently asked our Twitter followers a simple question:

What’s your favorite Apple product?

2913 of you responded by voting. The results are fairly conclusive with approximately 1 in every 3 saying their favorite product is their iPhone. The love affairs with the iPhone are set to continue if the reviews of the iPhone 3GS are anything to go by.

In fact, handheld devices accounted for more than 50% of all the votes with the iPod range being the second most popular Apple product. I’m sure Apple will be encouraged with these figures with the forthcoming release of their tablet just around the corner.

The most popular laptop is the Macbook which took in 10% of all the votes while the most popular desktop was, unsurprisingly, the iMac which only managed to take in 7% of all the votes.

The least popular products are the Mac Mini and Mac Pro. Personally I believe the Mac Mini is the most undervalued Apple product to ever be released and a few others share that opinion with me too.

However, the figures don’t lie! What do you think? Are the figures a fair reflection of popularity?

Most Popular Apple Products


Cormac Moylan

Cormac is the head honcho behind MacTrast. Based in Cork, Ireland, his first foray into the Apple world was way back in 2006 when he purchased an iMac followed by a Macbook around 4 weeks later. He currently owns a Macbook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, iPhone 4, iPod Touch, and Apple TV. But he prefers to buy watches. Go figure!