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We recently took to Twitter and we popped the question, no – not that question, but this one:

With 2010 being an extremely successful year for Apple Inc, we wondered what you felt was their biggest release of the year. 100’s of you replied to the tweet and here is the result..

#1 iPad

Our Twitter stream lit up with iPad fever. The iPad was released in April and within 80 days more than 3 million units were shifted. Overnight Apple gained control of approximately 95% of the Tablet market. Wow, how amazing is that! Especially when you consider that nobody really needs an iPad – it’s a luxury item of the highest order, and Apple had a massive failure not so long with the Newton.

The iPad is Apple’s most successful product of 2010 – no surprise there!

#2 iPhone 4

It’s of little surprise that the iPhone 4 is the second most popular release of 2010. The 4th generation release of the world’s favorite Smart Phone saw big changes to an already brilliant foundation. A drastically improved display and a more powerful battery has seen more than 14 million iPhone sales since its release in June. Other new features include a front facing camera, HD video recording capabilities, video calling through FaceTime, and improved processing.

#3 iPod Touch 4G

I am a bit surprised that the iPod Touch 4G crept ahead of some other products but here she is, in 3rd spot. In September of 2010 an 8GB model was introduced along with the 16GB and 32GB models. A front facing camera, an improved display using Retina Display, and the ability to shoot video in HD was also introduced.

#4 Macbook Air

In 2010 the Air received a new lease of like and Apple positioned it as a competitor to the Netbook market with the release of the 11.6″ Air. Apple also somehow made the Air thinner, lighter and sexier. The performance of the Air also saw a big improvement. While the 1.4-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor doesn’t sound like much, the use of onboard flash storage makes the Air a beast of a machine and a viable alternative to the Macbook Pro series as a primary laptop rather than a sex symbol device.

#5 Apple TV

2010 also saw a new Apple TV release. It was more than 3.5 years since the first release of the Apple TV and some were questioning the future of Apple TV since the Mac Mini was a viable alternative. That didn’t stop Apple from releasing Apple TV 2nd Generation in September 2010. The new Apple TV puts a movie theatre in your living room with a near endless catalogue of great content courtesy of the iTunes Rentals Store and NetFlix. Apple announced in December that Apple TV has shifted more than 1 million units in under 3 months.

#6 Magic Mouse

The Mighty Mouse is dead, long live the Magic Mouse! For a long time Apple has struggled to figure out the mouse – remember the puck? Thankfully 2010 saw the release of Mighty Mouse – a sleek, multi-touch, and multi-gesture dream. The biggest change is the removal of the horrible roller ball that existed in the previous Mighty Mouse – no more problems with cleaning the roller ball.

# 7 Steve Jobs Action Figure!

Last but not least, an honorable mention for the Steve Jobs action figure. The less said about this, the better…

What do you think? Was the iPad Apple’s best release of 2010 or should the iPhone 4 be on top?

  • no iPods ??? 🙁

  • Austin Miller

    Don't get me wrong, I love my iPad dearly, but I think the iPhone 4 should definitely be the winner. Despite the hiccups it's had, it still effectively makes new technology look old, like the iPad or some of the recent competing smartphones. It's upgrades are vastly better than its predecessor, and is the true multi-tool of the electronics and smartphone era. The camera continues to blow me away, and for that, I've developed a new interest in iPhone photography. There is no comparison in my opinion.

  • Sounds about right. Austin Miller, the iPhone 4 was "merely" another iPhone. The iPad and the way it was marketed on the other hand has ignited the tablet era. Definitely the winner for me (I don't own one though)

    and lmao about the action figure! might just buy one myself..

  • Austin, I understand where you coming from. But the iPhone 4 was an iteration of the iPhone. There was already 3 releases prior to iPhone 4.

    The iPad was more of a revolutionary product – even if it is "just a big iPod Touch". I felt there was a lot more frenzy around the iPad than the iPhone 4.

    Thank you for the comments.

  • Austin Miller

    I certainly see your point, I hadn't quite looked at it that way. It certainly can be a tough choice at times, Cupertino rolls out so many revolutionary products. They certainly have started a new era with the iPad and I am anxious to see where the tablet road goes from here.

  • Mike

    Those going on about the iPad more deserving than IP4, I disagree. I have both and if you know anything about apple the iPad was actually developed many years before the first iPhone – so the IP4 may be an iteration of a phone but the iPad is an itteration of an iPod touch so you can’t claim pure innovation on the iPad. The IP4 wins on design, desire, tech with the camera and retina display (of which it is now physically impossible to make a better screen of which the human eye can decipher) so several factors make the IP4 more deserving than the iPad IMO. Far more impressive technically and more publicly desired make it a good number 1

  • Mike: good points mate. So on a technical perspective the iPhone 4 has the upper hand (the Retina display is indeed awesome), but when you look at the marketing behind the iPad and the incredible hype Apple cleverly created around it, it really seems to have made lasting impression in the history of gadgets.


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