Mockup of iPhone With No Home Button & Full Screen

Posted in iPhone on 17/02/2011 by Cormac Moylan

0 has put together a mockup of what an iPhone might look like if Apple decided to drop the only button (the home / back button) in favor of a full screen.

The mockup shows a full length screen and suggests that a permanently placed dock may act as a universal menu for navigating the iPhone.

Obviously this is pure speculation but at the same time it’s an interesting suggestion.

Our thoughts? It would be an incremental evolution of the current breed of iPhone and a full touch screen isn’t a crazy possibility. The idea of a permanent dock in iOS, similar to OS X, is a more interesting suggestion. It would better highlight the multitasking aspect of iOS and remove the ambiguity of “did I close that app or can I go back to it?”

(Via 9to5Mac)


Cormac Moylan

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