Transatlantic Facetime Call Planned For iPad2 Launch?

Posted in iPad on 27/02/2011 by Gareth Hawkins


Never short of ideas for how to capture the widest press attention at a product launch, Apple have broken new ground with coordinated, simultaneous media events in different countries for the planned iPad 2 Keynote on the 2nd March.

Parallel to the now familiar format launch event taking place at the San Francisco Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10am PST on Wednesday, an invitation-only event has been announced in the UK, taking place at the BBC Television Centre in London at 6pm GMT — synchronized with the US event.

This event, hosted by the British actor and Apple aficionado Stephen Fry, will likely showcase the iPad 2’s new camera(s) by demonstrating a Facetime video call between the hosts of the two events.  Whether the remainder of the UK lineup will be filled by a broadcast of the San Francisco keynote, or a separate, individual show, is yet to be disclosed.

With such an emphasis on timing, we can only hope that Apple will make everyone’s day by announcing the immediate availability of the iPad 2 in both US and UK stores.


Gareth Hawkins


Gareth Hawkins

Gareth is a London-based thirtysomething and works in sales, marketing and technology. As a keen amateur programmer and self-confessed geek, his Apple addiction encompasses his prized MacBook, MacBook Air, iPhone4, iPad and AppleTV, 'because they just work'. Always keen to evangelise about the benefits of Apple tech at home and in the workplace, Gareth spends his spare time developing web and cocoa apps for iOS devices and supporting a mixed network of Macs and PCs.