Office For Mac 2011 Service Pack 1 Due Next Week

Posted in Apps, Mac on 07/04/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler


I use and enjoy Microsoft Office for Mac on a regular basis. As such, I keep up with the latest version. It has recently been announced that Office 2011 for Mac will be getting it’s first service pack next week, which will bring better Outlook syncing, and stability improvements.

The Office for Mac team has confirmed via a blog post that the first service pack for Mac Office 2011 is scheduled for next week, and those who update can expect a speedier, more stable, and more secure performance, plus some unannounced “new features.

In addition, support for Exchange based server-side rules, editing of existing messages and two new Outlook buttons – Redirect (redirects the message to a person with the replies delivered to the original sender) and Resend (does what the name says) – are in the cards as well.

Perhaps most notable, however, is that syncing between Outlook for Mac and supported services or devices has been greatly improved, although you won’t yet be able to sync your Outlook calender via MobileMe.

Do you use Mac Office 2011? Will you be updating? Let us know in the comments.

Report And Image Via 9to5Mac


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