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Unpleasant Horse.pngAfter getting rejected for “mature content” due to a clerical error it looks like the folks at 4th and Battery tweaked a few things to satisfy the App Store police. Unpleasant Horse is now available on the App Store so read on for the review and get a free copy.

Unpleasant Horse opens with a heavy metal soundtrack, a tink, and the pleasant sounds of “The Blue Danube.” As Jerry Maguire’s girlfriend said, “you had me at hello.” I think I’m in love with this game after 10 seconds. The naughty little horse wreaks havoc, in an innocent way, on ‘pritty’ ponies, jumping from cloud to cloud and bashing pretty birdies along the way. But watch out, one misstep and the little winged demon will end up in, well… rotating saw blades at the bottom of the screen. Angry Birds, you’ve just been replaced – for now.

It’s amazing that the developers came up with the core of this game design in just 24 hours after being assigned a randomly generated title drawn from a hat. I can’t wait to see what else is in store at PopCap Games’ ’boutique’ studio.

Unpleasant Horse [App Store, FREE]

★★★★★ 5/5

The PopCap Games customer support director told me the app was not rejected by Apple, it was delayed due to a clerical error made by 4th & Battery.

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