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Roundup Of This Week’s Apple News

Roundup Of This Week’s Apple News

Brian Tong takes us through all that happened in the world of Mac this week in his Apple Byte roundup.

In the video, Brian discusses the announcement of WWDC, the listing of WWDC tickets on eBay, a possible iPhone 5 launch date, mentions some rumored iPhone 5 features including 4G and cloud storage, how you can use Amazon Cloud Player on your iDevice, Microsoft on Tablets, the possibility that spaces might be coming to the iPad, 3D picture rumors, but wait, there’s more….

Check out the video to find out for yourself.


  1. Foxconn Executive: iPhone 5 is ‘The Most Difficult Device We’ve Ever Assembled’
  2. New Nano-SIM Technology Could Make Future iPhones Even Thinner
  3. This List Details Every Apple Reference in the Simpsons and Futurama
  4. How To Remove / Uninstall Mac Defender Malware on Mac
  5. Apple Releases PRODUCT(RED) iPhone Bumper
  6. Apple TV “Channel Lineup” Updated With Vevo, Disney Channel, Disney XD, More
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