Switch Between Multiple iTunes Accounts Through AppleScript

Posted in How To, Mac on 25/04/2011 by Jakob Hultman


Do you, like me, have more than one iTunes Store account? Maybe even a few international ones? Then you know very well how frustrating it is to sign out, change store, sign in to buy content. Cry no more. There’s an AppleScript for that. Redditor TinyLebowski has shared his AppleScript that lets you change account in the blink of an eye.

When configured, run the AppleScript and within a couple of seconds you have switched account. Keep in mind though, the Apple ID and password is stored in plain text without any kind of encryption within the AppleScript file, so if you are on a shared computer and suspect someone to steal your information, think twice before doing this. Me? I’ve been sitting here, switching accounts at the speed of light all morning, just because I can.

[Via MacStories]

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  • I used this script and it proved really useful, do you have an updated script for iTunes 10 as it stopped working after iTunes 10 was released.


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