White iPhone 4 Is Thicker Than Black Model – Case Manufacturers Pissed.

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So, now that Apple finally released the white iPhone 4, we can finally put it all to bed. Wrong!

We waited nearly a year for the white iPhone 4 to become a reality and in that time the only difference, or so we presumed, between a black iPhone 4 and a white iPhone 4 would be the color.

The white iPhone 4 is measured at 9.5mm making it .2mm thicker than its black counterpart.

The additional thickness is probably down to additional UV protection to prevent color distortion from occurring. But either way, the added thickness has thrown a spanner in the works for case manufacturers since their existing cases for the black iPhone 4 may not fit the white iPhone 4.

So, it’s official… the white iPhone 4 is phat!

Will case manufacturers update their existing cases to fit the white iPhone 4?

White iPhone 4 owners wil also need to make sure the case they are purchasing will fit the larger sized iPhone 4.

(Via Engadget)

  • Ashb

    Are you sure it’s 9.5mm difference?

  • Orion’


  • when you copy engadget, at least get your facts right… (0.2mm thinner) and cite your references… (same picture and text)

  • 4wutno

    How is that possible?? The black iPhone is only 8.8 mm thick?? The white one can’t be double the thickness…

    I tell you this from my black iPhone 4

  • Updated the post to elaborate on the size difference.

  • Dom

    I’ve got both and they look exactly the same to me.

  • Brad8821

    I find it funny you asked, “Will case manufacturers update their existing cases to fit the white iPhone 4?” in your blog – yet in the title you say, “Case Manufacturers Pissed.” Assuming since you put that in your title you have spoken to case manufacturers?… Did you not? When you are a ‘case’ company or a company who makes products based off of another companies products your job would be to do and adapt to whatever device created, no matter what size, shape or anything. I do believe your numbers are way off, I also think this was ill thought out. If it does NOT fit cases, it will at some point since that is their job. Please think about starting this blog over. Cheers.

    • James87

      Brad, are you high? Apple bringing out a slightly larger form factor is total BS. Whether an iPhone 4 is white, black, pink, or purple, it should be the same size.

      One size fits all.

      Why should Apple’s negligance in having to thinker with the iPhone 4 form factor just to introduce a white model upset 3rd party case manufacturers and users who may purchase a case for an iPhone 4 only to find it actually doesn’t?

  • Orami

    This title was a bit misleading. Tighten up will ya.


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