Apple Holding Retail Employee Meetings Ahead Of Possible Lion and iCloud releases

Posted in Apple News on 16/05/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler


CultofMac reports that Apple may be scheduling secret retail employee meetings on May 28, and speculates that the meetings could have something to down with OS X 10.7 Lion, or even the release of the iCloud service.

ColtofMac Reader Chris Davis writes:

Yesterday, 5/12/11, I was at the Apple store in Fresno, CA. I was visiting the Genius Bar and while there I could see into the back room where the employees are frequently enter and exit. I couldn’t see very far in but I could see a bulletin board right inside the the door. One posting on the board had the iCal logo and said May 28 BE HERE 8AM-10AM. Looks like they are having an employee meeting.

WWDC is scheduled for June 6th, shortly after the date of the rumored meeting. According to Cult, the most likely products that Apple will be preparing its employees for are OS X 107 Lion, and the relaunch of MobileMe, possibly called iCloud and adding a streaming music storage locker component. If Apple is scheduling an all-hands employee meeting with its retail workers, it’s most likely to prep them for the imminent release of these two products.

My take is that there is still some significant doubt to be had here – just because there is a meeting on May 28 at one isolated Apple Store is fairly meaningless. Many retail stores hold end-of-month review meetings with their employees, which this timing would be about right for, and Apple tends to hold all-hands employee meetings on Sunday evenings after store closing.

The gist? Take this rumor lightly.



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