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The Beauty Of A Well-Used iPhone, Aged To Perfection

The Beauty Of A Well-Used iPhone, Aged To Perfection

Like many iDevice users, I tend to prefer that my devices stay clean, pretty, and free of major blemishes, which I consider to be unsightly. This photo of an original iPhone that has apparently been through some pretty rough treatment, however, may change my mind.

I love this photo – this iPhone has clearly been well-loved, has certainly been through quite a lot, and still manages to look beautiful, gaining a certain artistic appear. My original iPhone may have looked like this at one point, before I became disgusted and had to get a new one.

No doubt some among us might have heart failure to see such a device in this condition… but in reality, this is a bow of respect to a giant of a brand, and how well-loved their gadgets are. Although Apple products are never designed to age gracefully, this original iPhone seems to have done just that, perhaps just to spite the stereotype.

[CultofMac, TUAW]


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