Apple’s Game Console Strategy: Real Racing 2 HD First to Support AirPlay Mirroring

Posted in Apps, iPad on 08/06/2011 by James Britton


The $100 Apple TV has the potential to upset the game console market with wireless AirPlay mirroring coming in iOS 5.

Firemint, the makers of Real Racing HD 2 for iPad [$9.99 on the App Store], are the first to announce support for wireless mirroring to Apple TV. We covered Real Racing’s ability to mirror with an HDMI cable a few months ago, but now with iOS 5 it’s all about cutting cords. The game will display car’s controls on an iPad, taking advantage of the tablet’s gyroscope to act as a steering wheel, while the action is displayed in 720p resolution wirelessly to your Apple TV.

I would say Nintendo should be worried about the one-two punch of the over 200 million iOS devices Scott Forstall announced that Apple has sold to date paired with a super cheap Apple TV. Apple has the potential to overtake not only the mobile casual games market but also the living room console market.  Wireless AirPlay mirroring in iOS 5 is a huge threat to Nintendo and their Wii and DS consoles.

Firemint will surely lead a deluge of app developers to release wireless AirPlay-enabled games and we can expect games giant Electronic Arts to capitalize on their acquisition of Firemint by using Real Racing-style game play for their own titles.

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