Has iOS 5 Killed The Untethered Jailbreak?

Has iOS 5 Killed The Untethered Jailbreak?

Less than 24 hours after the iOS 5 Developer Beta was unleashed, it was successfully jail broken. Ordinarily, this would be good news, except that our source reports that this is a tethered jailbreak, and additionally, hopes of an untethered jailbreak seem to have been crushed by a recent discovery.

The discovery was made by jailbreak developer i0nic (Stefan Esser) of the iPhone Dev-Team, who announced in a recent tweet (pictured above) that Apple may well have killed the exploit that makes an “untethered” jailbreak possible – meaning that future iOS 5 jailbreaks may require your device to be hooked up to a computer every time they are restarted.

This could be grim news – at this point, it’s quite unclear whether or not it is possible for hackers to develop a new exploit – there is a very real possibility that iOS 5 could mean the end of untethered jailbreaking for good.

The lingering question is: with all of the new features in iOS 5, do most people have a real need to jailbreak their devices anymore anyway? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments!

  1. Sure, because some people are not going to buy for apps when they can get it free ;’D

  2. Onura46 says:

    Unthethered jailbreaks are obviously best. The only thing I’d be missing in iOS 5 would be my theme, MxTube and Installous. But, really, I can pay for my apps any day, I just try them before I buy them.

  3. guest says:

    I previously on a jailbreak for proper notifications…. buh bye!

  4. @quackbad says:

    What about apps like iBlacklist? We need those kinda apps and the only way is to jailbreak! 🙁

  5. Rob Ignorant says:

    In think he means they killed the untether that was used on the previous versions…I don’t think it means that there’s no chance of an untether, just that they need to find a new exploit..

  6. Kennym says:

    I always jailbroke for iREALSMSbut I but I want to see the new notifications

  7. Fagundes says:

    MyWi and my 3G. Must have for those of us who are wifi tethering.

  8. Jordonisawesome says:

    Sbsettings and biteSMS are my main reasons now. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult for apple to build quick reply/compose into iOS. Same with SBSettings. That could actually be integrated into notification centre like Android kind of.

  9. Constantine says:

    To be honest the only reason for me to jailbreak is installous. Why cannot be possible for all apps to have a trial?! I mean even the worst cheapskates will buy a good app if it worth buying!!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    sure i need jailbreak because i need Installous.
    why would i pay for app if i can get it for free.

    1. Bryant says:

      If you’re looking for a reason, maybe not stealing would be a good one.

  11. Devious Apps says:

    As a developer the JB hackers always have interesting things to add to the iOS world and I think Apple shouldn’t really try to stop JBing but that being said with the new features I can’t think of too many Cydia apps that are worth the hassle. For many they do it just to prove they can. For others the SIM unlock was the major reason to JB but the hackers have been stumped by the latest baseband for quite some time now. They promised an unlock in february, it’s June and still no unlock. I wouldn’t bet my money on JBs and unlocks in the future. Maybe they should stick to hacking playstations from now on.

  12. Ben_Schweitzer says:


  13. Harbmaster2000 says:

    I have iOS 5 beta 5, the new notifications is better than what apple was using but still not the best solution as occupying the top part of the screen means apps with buttons at the top will have to think of something different since the notification blocks the buttons on top for a while, with these new additions this is why we need jb so they can improve apples invention until apple comes up with their own solution. I really want jailbreak for mewseek my3g, and that Internet tethering program

  14. Fhsjaagshs says:

    Oh well. The good news is that for us non-iPad 2 users, we at least have a jailbreak. And besides, the tethered isn’t too bad. Also, now that I am a legitimate apple dev, I no longer need the jailbreak for development purposes. I’ll just fix my old iPod’s screen and jailbreak it tethered. No big deal. The only thing that I will miss is the ability to actually save files to someplace meaningful.

  15. David Lorntz says:

    The main reason’s I jailbreak are, SBSettings (so much easier than going through settings) QuickReplySMS (Doesn’t close the app you’re in to reply to a text) Callbar (calls don’t take up your entire screen when your phone is ringing, when you’re in the middle of doing something) and a few other visual tweaks like Barrel.. I also love AndroidLock XT… i’ll be sad to lose all of these if I can’t jailbreak anymore… 

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