How Volume Licensing Works On The Mac App Store

Posted in Apple News, Mac on 29/06/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler


With Apple swiftly transitioning their distribution for software over to the Mac App Store, many are wondering how volume licensing arrangements will work under those circumstances. Read on for the answers.

As it turns out, the answer is scattered among some Apple FAQ’s and other documents. Earlier this month, we discussed how it will work for OS X Lion. Essentially, business or educational institutions that require volume licensing have options – they can either visit the Apple Business or Apple Education Store websites, or can call their Apple representatives.

Once they pay, instead of receiving discs in the mail, they will receive a Mac App Store redeem code to download the software, which they can then clone or mirror to each machine that will need it. Pricing is the same as the consumer version. So the answer seems to be: It’s all done with one single redemption code.

Additionally, in their recently posted Final Cut Pro X FAQ, Apple also mentioned that volume licensing would be available for Final Cut Pro X and its helper apps. The minimum quantity is 20 licenses, and again, Apple simple issues one or more redemption codes once payment has been received.

Since Apple seems to be doing this, I wonder how long it will be before other companies gain the ability to provide Mac App Store volume licenses? There are many apps that I can see users wanting to volume license. and currently there doesn’t seem to be a solution in play.

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  • Acreason

    What do you do if you only need half a dozen copies of an Application?  I can justify 20 of Lion (when we make the move), but not 20 of Final Cut.  Will Apple provide an option similar to their volume licensing program for iOS?

  • Fat Lip

    just paid 20 bucks for this crap and got an email with an attached pdf and a license, stil NO COPY OF ML to install


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