iTunes 10.3 Now Available

Posted in Apple News, OS X on 07/06/2011 by James Britton


After a false start yesterday, Apple has finally made iTunes 10.3 available for download.

This version of iTunes is all about the cloud. It gives you access to purchased music from any of your Apple devices. I discovered nearly 100 songs I had purchased over the years that were not on my system. They must have been misplaced when I migrated my music library to an external drive. Nevertheless, this is good news, since you can now re-download any past purchases including, music, apps and books.

Speaking of books, iTunes now includes the newly launched iBookstore [iTunes link], giving you the ability to purchase books for reading on any iOS device. I may just get George R.R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones before jumping into the new HBO series.

When Apple releases iTunes Match this fall for $24.99 per year, iCloud will be complete. The service will analyze your iTunes library then give access to your music, even CD rips or music acquired by other means [cough] bit [cough] torrent, without the need for painfully long uploads. For now, you will at least have access to any songs purchased on iTunes.

To find purchase history, click on “Purchased” in the Quick Links menu of the iTunes home screen.

Download iTunes 10.3 Now

  • I downloaded it but nothing looks any different? What am I looking for?

    • @facebook-645605012:disqus I’ve updated the post with a link to iBookstore and a screenshot to more clearly illustrate where to find purchase history.

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