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“Missing” Features In Final Cut Pro X Are Already In Its Source Code

“Missing” Features In Final Cut Pro X Are Already In Its Source Code

There can be no doubt that Apple’s Final Cut Pro X is causing quite a stir – many customer’s are disappointed that it lacks features, or cannot import projects from previous versions of Final Cut Pro. Apple has even started issuing refunds to disappointed customers. As it turns out, however, all these things and more are already sitting within the Final Cut Pro X code, just waiting to be enabled.

Even while Apple is seemingly happily issuing refunds to certain customers for Final Cut Pro X, there’s a secret hiding in the waters – Final Cut Pro X already (according to 9to5Mac) has the missing features and abilities that these customers have complained about – they just haven’t yet been activated.

The above image shows that the code for importing Final Cut 7 projects is already within the source code for Final Cut Pro X. It’s fascinating to me that this would not be enabled from the offset. Nevertheless, if you’re sufficiently adventurous, there is even a way to turn that functionality on now (see the below image for the function call you’ll need to use (click the image to expand it for easier reading):

While this certainly does seem confusing – why would Apple not enable this in the first place? It certainly would have prevented the shitload of complaints and bad reviews that people left, and apparently would have been very simple. Nevertheless, this means that there is hope that Apple will see the light and enable these lost functionalities soon in an update through the Mac App Store.


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