Barack Obama Tweets From His Macbook At TweetUp

Posted in Apple News on 07/07/2011 by Cormac Moylan


Have you ever been invited to a “Tweetup” and thought “Oh jeez, nerds, mmmm…. think I will watch The Wire Season 2 for the 8th time instead”. No? Well, that’s what I usually do.

However, there is one tweetup that might have been slightly more interesting than watching the second season of the The Wire, again.

US President Barack Obama hosted a “Twitter Town Hall” in his house (the big White one) alongside Twitter co-found Jack Dorsey. The purpose of the tweetup was to connect with people who write in 140 characters and share pictures of the food they eat in restaurants on photo sharing sites.

But what’s most important is that it was Barack Obama’s first ever live tweet and he did it on a Macbook Pro.

Barack also praised Apple for their product development but added that he would like to see Apple return to the US for their product manufacturing.

(Will we forgive Obama for that ghastly sticker over the iconic Apple?)


Cormac Moylan

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