Apple Brings Facebook & Twitter Integration To The Apple Online Store

Posted in Apple, Apple News on 17/08/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler


Following an extensive outage earlier today, it appears that the Apple Online Store now has built-in Facebook and Twitter integration. The new social network integration is currently present on the Mac Pro page, as well as the iPod Classic page.

To use the new social media integration, simply click the right side of the “Select” tab, and click the appropriate social network to share it with your followers.

The new social media integration hasn’t yet made its way to the majority of product pages on the Apple Online Store, so it remains uncertain whether Apple is simply testing this concept, or if they are planning to continue rolling out the social media integration in the future.

  • Cormac Moylan

    This is pointless and stupid in my opinion. 
    What’s the end gain of introducing this feature? Is it simply to inform your friends that something call a Macbook Pro exists on a website called I’m pretty sure that 99% of your friends are already aware of Apple and their range of products. And anyway, if you do share with your friends a link to a Macbook or iPod, how many of them are going to think “oh yeah, I meant to buy one of those today, thanks for reminding me!”?

    If anything, the introduction of these features might hinder their sales rather than improve them because the sharing features bring possible customers AWAY from and onto two of the biggest time wasting websites ever made – Twitter & Facebook. 


  • I noticed this and have absolutely no idea what the point of it is.

    “Hey guys look! It’s an iPod!” !?!?!?

  • Craig Reilly

    maybe since on those 2 products means they will have an announcement soon about a refresh ?

    • exactly, looks like their looking for free advertising to clear out old inventory. stupid feature, but smart


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