Ion Releases Piano Apprentice Keyboard & App For iOS Devices

Ion Releases Piano Apprentice Keyboard & App For iOS Devices

Ion Audio has just announced the release of their new Piano Apprentice – a piano teaching tool for the iPad, iPod and iPhone touch. The Piano Apprentice works with a free companion app, and uses a light-up keyboard to teach you how to play various piano tunes.

The Piano Apprentice is designed to be portable, and features a 25-key keyboard with built-in speakers that are designed to deliver authentic piano sound, and they keys can respond to your touch by lighting up. The piano apprentice can also be used directly with GarageBand for iOS.

The free companion app includes piano lessons taught by piano instructor Scott Houston, and in addition to showing you where to place your hands to play various songs, can even actually teach you to read sheet music for the piano.

Piano Apprentice is available now from Ion’s official site, and retails for $100, but can be purchased from Amazon for as low as $84.33 (Amazon Link). You can view the Piano Apprentice in action in the below clip, and can find more information at Ion Audio.


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