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OS X Lion Adoption Exceeds 30%, Still Rapidly Increasing

OS X Lion Adoption Exceeds 30%, Still Rapidly Increasing

According to the latest research from Net Applications, Mac OS X Lion, which Apple claims is being adopted faster than any previous release of OS X, is continuing to gain active Mac installed base at a rapid rate.

Although Lion was only released in July, it has already been installed on 30 percent of actively used Macs, showing that the recent update to OS X continues to be very popular, especially now that Apple has released the first two significant updates for the platform.

Even though Lion is facing the fastest adoption of any version of OS X so far, it still trains adoption rates seen in Apple’s mobile iOS platform, which the firm blames on early concerns with Lion that caused many users to hesitate.

It’s may also be worth considering that the slower adoption rate compared to iOS probably has more to do with the fact that Lion costs $29.99 to download, whereas iOS updates are available for free.

It’s also worth noting that Windows 7 took nearly 2 years to reach the same adoption rate among Windows users that Lion has now achieved among Mac users.



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