Steve Jobs Named as Leading Contender for Time’s 2011 Person of the Year

Posted in Apple News on 09/11/2011 by J. Glenn Künzler


Although Time’s annual Person of the Year award isn’t typically awarded to people who are no longer living, Steve Jobs has nevertheless been named as the leading contender for this year’s award, reports CultofMac.

Celebrity chef Mario Batali was among the chief supporters of Jobs’ nomination of the award, stating that ““The smartphone has changed the world as much as the Bible has.”

Jesse Eisenberg, lead actor in the film “The Social Network,” also debated in support of Steve Jobs, saying it was “like the Oscars giving best director to someone who just died when they really deserved a lifetime achievement award.”

The award and its nominees were discussed and debated by a panel (pictured above) headed by NBC anchor Brian Williams and Rich Stengel, managing editor for Time Magazine. Other panelists included actor Jesse Eisenberg, comedian Seth Meyers and others.

Other top candidates for the award included:

  • Mohamed Bouazizi (Tunisian fruit vendor who triggered the Arab Spring)
  • Leaders for the Occupy Wall Street movement
  • Esraa Abdel Fatah (lead organizer of the uprising in Cairo)
  • Nicolas Sarkozy or Angela Merkel (tried to stop Euro debt crisis)

A video of part of the debate can be found below.

  • And so he should be awarded this honour… Absolutely no question… My question is why has he not been awarded it when this great man was with us?


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