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Acer: The Mac is on its Way Out, Ultrabooks will Reign Supreme by 2014

Acer: The Mac is on its Way Out, Ultrabooks will Reign Supreme by 2014

Apparently not satisfied with their earlier ridiculous claim in August, Acer is once again bashing Apple, claiming that the Mac is just a passing fancy, and that Intel’s Ultrabook will defeat them by 2014.

According to Acer chairman J.T. Wang (reported by DigiTimes), Apple’s growth will begin weakening over the next two years, and once Ultrabooks become available for $699 or less, Microsoft and Intel (Wintel) will eventually defeat the Mac altogether.

Of course, given the abysmal performance of netbooks on the market, and considering that a $700 Ultrabook would likely end up being a similarly underpowered, cheaply constructed and poorly designed product, I’m not too convinced that Apple really has much to worry about.

Of course, anyone who claims that the iPad and MacBook Air are nothing more than passing fads probably shouldn’t be trusted anyway.

The truth is that sales of the MacBook Air continue to grow at pretty amazing rates (currently making up nearly a third of Apple’s Mac sales), Mac sales are at an all-time high, and the PC industry as a whole is still struggling with significantly decreased consumer demand, making Wang’s claims little more than a sad delusion.

In other news, a giant purple invisible (yes, invisible) cross between a unicorn and an elephant just walked through my front door.

I’ve got an idea for you, Acer – why not just make quality products, and compete with Apple by winning over consumers instead of whining that your sales have slumped and slamming Apple for being successful?  Brilliant.


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