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iDrive – A Steering Wheel Mount for Your iPad

iDrive – A Steering Wheel Mount for Your iPad

The iPad is certainly a popular device, and is constantly getting into new places like airplane cockpits, classrooms, and even government. And now, thanks to the iDrive, it has even found its way onto steering wheels.

While adding an iPad to your steering wheel is questionable from a safety standpoint, the idea behind the iDrive is that if you’re stuck in traffic or waiting to give someone a ride, you can easily kill the time with your iPad.

The mount is simple, using plastic clips and an iPad case to mount itself to your steering wheel, and should do a pretty good job of keeping itself locked on. At least it would, it it weren’t fake.

Fortunately, Gizmodo points out that the world hasn’t lost its mind – but you can purchase the display box for $8 just to make people ask questions! Click here for more info, or to order.


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