iPhone Tip: Use a Banana to Control Your iPhone (Video)

Posted in How To, iPhone on 28/12/2011 by Henry Taylor-Gill


It is a common problem: it’s freezing, you’re outside and you desperately need to use your iPhone. However you cannot, since if you are wearing gloves, the iPhone will not respond. Fear not though, as a banana will apparently do the job.

A banana has a similar skin to a human (believe it or not!) and so the iPhone recognises it like a human finger. Grapes also work apparently, so if you have gloves on outside and have some fruit, it’s worth a shot. Chances are it will work.

I love discovering hidden uses for things, and hopefully this will come in useful. It will save you having to buy those pretty expensive gloves with metal fingertips, that’s for sure.

  • Lululemon makes gloves with “removable thumbs”. Like if you need your phone, you slide the tips of the thumbs off and use your thumbs to type, Then when you don’t need it, you slide them back over your thumb. They’re great and I use them a lot. 😛

  • Taylorallbut

    Or you could just suck the finger of the glove and it works

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