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Samsung Promotes Galaxy Tab as ‘The Tablet Apple Tried to Stop’

Samsung Promotes Galaxy Tab as ‘The Tablet Apple Tried to Stop’

Following last week’s court ruling allowing Samsung to sell the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia, 9to5Mac reports that Samsung is now claiming that the legal dispute with Apple is helping make the Galaxy Tab a household name, and has begun advertising the device as “the tablet Apple tried to stop.”

While it’s not surprising to see Samsung capitalizing on their victory as much as possible, it’s sad that it takes being sued by Apple to help make your device a “household name.” The ad pictured above shows Samsung’s new marketing campaign in action.

Even sadder is the fact that Samsung is hinting that Apple was attacking the Galaxy Tab out of fear, when in reality Apple’s dispute was around Samsung’s alleged copying of their designs.

Considering that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab has churned out disappointingly low sales numbers from the very beginning, and the fact that it has yet to make a significant dent in the iPad’s dominance, it seems that Apple really has very little to worry about anyway. It’s not like Samsung is actually a threat or anything.


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