Camera-Free iPhone 4 and 4S Now Available in Singapore

Camera-Free iPhone 4 and 4S Now Available in Singapore

Following our previous report that Singapore carriers were working with Apple to offer the iPhone 4S camera-free for military and professional users who aren’t allowed to carry camera-equipped phones, CNET Asia now reports that the camera-free models are now available and being offered by carriers in the country.

There is a significant market for the camera-less phones in Singapore, considering that all male citizens in the country are required to serve some time in the military (which doesn’t allow the use of camera-equipped phones).

According to the report, Singapore carrier M1 has officially began offering the camera-free models on their website, which cause an additional S$49 over models equipped with cameras (which covers the cost of removing the cameras). The camera removal process also voids Apple’s warranty, although M1 is giving the option for users to buy third-party warranties.


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