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Mac Tip: Forward Only The Attachment In Mail For Mac OS

Mac Tip: Forward Only The Attachment In Mail For Mac OS

This Mac tip is provided by Mark Greentree and was originally posted on Mark’s blog – Everyday Mac Support. For more of Mark’s tips visit his site, follow him on Twitter, or browse his archive of posts here.

How To: Forward Only The Attachment In Mail For Mac OS

When working on collaboration documents you may find a need to forward the attachment to someone else for consideration.

You may not wish this additional party to be privy to text contained within the email. Whilst you can delete the quoted text there is a quicker way to just forward the attachment.

When you receive an email with an attachment you will be presented with the attachment icon in the main body of the email as highlighted below:

When ready to forward the attached file minus the additional text, simply highlight the file so it appears like this:

Then press Command + Shift + F on your keyboard or or press the Forward email button in Mail. You can also navigate to Message > Forward from the Menu Bar.

Doing so will give you the following result:

As you can see the attachment received in the original email is included in the forwarded message, but the text from the original message has been omitted.

Simply address the email and send it to the new recipient.


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