Rumor: Upcoming Google Tablet Will Target the Kindle Fire, Not the iPad

Posted in Apple News, Miscellaneous on 05/01/2012 by Chris Hauk


The latest tablet rumor has Google targeting the Kindle Fire instead of the Apple iPad. Reports are that the new Android based device will have a 7-inch panel, and will run Android 4.0.

DigiTimes says:

As Google reportedly may launch an own-brand tablet PC to compete against Apple’s iPad, sources from Google’s upstream supply chain believe that Google, instead of Apple, may actually be targeting Amazon’s 7-inch Kindle Fire as its major competitor. However, Google Taiwan commented that the company has never heard about plan of launching own-brand tablet PC.

Recently, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt revealed the company planned to release a high quality tablet within the next six months. He did not supply any further details about the device. Sources believe that Google will copy its Nexus smartphone strategy, attempting to help Android expand its tablet device market share.

Rumors are that Google will launch its Google branded tablet PC in March or April, featuring a 7-inch panel and Android 4.0 with a price less than $199 USD to compete against Amazon’s Kindle Fire.


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