Amsterdam Apple Store to Open on March 3rd

Amsterdam Apple Store to Open on March 3rd

Apple has officially confirmed that their Amsterdam retail store (their first ever Apple Store in the Netherlands) will open on March 3rd, reports MacRumors, and has emailed customers and posted that date on the store’s web page to make the announcement official.

The store is set to open its doors at 10 a.m. on Saturday, March 3rd. Members of the media have also been invited to a preview event two days prior. The opening of the Amsterdam store in the Netherlands will mark the twelfth country to host an Apple Retail Store.



MacRumors reports:

Apple indeed appears to be getting closer to opening the store, as today it unveiled striking new orange window coverings announcing that the location will be “opening soon”. Several Dutch sites including One More Thing [Google translation] [Google translation] have posted photos of the store.

Prior rumors have suggested that the store could open on February 18th, although it’s unclear whether the store will be completed by that date.