Review: Nest by Bluelounge

Review: Nest by Bluelounge

Boasting a long list of iDevice accouterments, several of which we have previously reviewed (MiniDock, Kicks, Shell), Bluelounge also offers a complete line of desktop and office accessories. The Nest is one such accessory, progressively designed to keep sundry items handy, while doubling as an iPhone and iPad stand.

Function and Design

While the concept of a valet is simple, the Nest is far from ordinary.  Other valet designs simply halt after creating a bowl-like desk accessory.  The Nest is a bowl-like desk accessory, but far more useful and creative.  The outer rim, which is lined with rubber, grips your iDevice and holds it in a fixed position at an acute downward angle, ideal for reading.  Inside, however, the Nest is made of a hard plastic, preventing the build up of dust that would naturally accumulate on a large rubberized surface.  Additionally, a small drawer-like extension opens into a tray that holds an iPad or iPhone.

The Nest is large enough to hold a keychain and other small items such as chapstick, change, or jump drives.  The tray on the back… or front, is long enough to hold an iPad, checkbook, business cards, or wallet.  However, if the iPhone is in the tray, trying to depress the home screen button is difficult due to the space between the tray lip and the side of the bowl.  Bluelounge tends to picture an iPad in the tray and the iPhone in the bowl, which is best for each device individually.

Conclusion [rating: 4.5/5]

The bright color (pink, blue, green, orange, black, or white) and clean lines of the Nest ($14.95, order) immediately command the attraction of office visitors.  A minimalistic approach to a time-honored piece is refreshing in the digital age.  Valets have been around for years to hold your stuff, but Bluelounge has redesigned this desk accessory for the present.  The Nest, complete with a rubberized rim, has a small footprint and is quite a nimble accessory, uncluttering and organizing your desk life.


  • Holds either an iPhone or iPad, landscape or portrait
  • Rubber rim to grip iDevice during use
  • Angled rim for easy reading
  • Vibrant colors, clean lines
  • Rubber feet grips
  • Price


  • Cannot use iPhone in tray