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New iPad Users Plagued With Wi-Fi Reception Issues

New iPad Users Plagued With Wi-Fi Reception Issues

Now that Apple’s new iPad has been out for a few days, the complaints are really starting to pile up. Following the “overheating” concerns that surfaced earlier this week, many users are now complaining of Wi-Fi reception issues on the new device.

There’s a growing thread on Apple’s support forums (noted by AppleInsider) with users stating that their new iPads consistently get weak Wi-Fi signals, while their other Apple devices, such as iPhones and MacBook get strong reception in the exact same circumstances.

There are currently over 100 replies on the thread, suggesting that this is a very real problem for many users. Some even claim that they’ve returned their unit, only to find that the replacement has the exact same issue, and the complaints appear to have begun the very day after the new iPad hit shelves.

It’s unclear how serious the issue is (It may be iOS reporting the signal strength incorrectly), or exactly why it might be occurring, and Apple has yet to confirm the problem or release any statement regarding the issue.

What about you? Are you experiencing Wi-Fi problems on your new iPad? Let us know in the comments!

  1. Lewisb says:

    I have 2 New Wifi Only Ipads and my wifi is working perfectly. Thank God.

  2. Absolutely no issues with mine at all.

  3. Reid says:

    Just the opposite for me. My new iPad gets better wifi connectivity than my ipad2.

  4. Jmwatts says:

    This is trolling a great product. Over 100 responses out of 3 million + iPads. Stop it.

    1. It’s exactly what happens every time Apple releases *anything*. People either invent problems or blow them out of proportion. Minor issues become “huge problems,” many so-called problems are almost completely fabricated, and alarmists would have you think that each device Apple unveils will doom them as a company.

      The price of success.

      1. rattyuk says:

        Yup. no issues here – I must have been the lucky purchaser of the only working one of thee million units. Not heat issues, no wifi issues, and probably no issues with whatever FUD hits the market tomorrow.

        Here’s the thing. Apple sold to 3 million customers over the weekend iPads which they had never shipped before, there are bound to be teething issues, there always are. 

        Here is a clue. If you have a faulty iPad, take it back to the store and get it replaced for a working unit. Don’t waste time going “wah, wah, wah” on public forums, you have a faulty unit.

        Unless of course you have no unit at all and are trying to drum up an impression that the biggest selling launch of a tablet, has issues and you shouldn’t buy one.

      2. Brett Giles says:

        I was going to say the same thing. Remember when “everyone” was having issues with dropped calls when the iPhone 4 came out, then Apple gave “everyone” a free case and suddenly calls weren’t being dropped any more.

  5. Faheem26 says:

    I don’t have the latest iPad3 yet but my iPad2 started giving wifi problems ever since I upgraded to iOS 5.1! I think the issue is with the iOS software and not with the iPad3 hardware.

  6. Jroch says:

    No problem with my new iPads wifi

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