Over Half of All U.S. Households Now Own Apple Products

Posted in Apple, Apple News on 28/03/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler


It’s official – Apple has taken over the United States! Well, sort of. According to a new survey conducted by CNBC (via TheNextWeb), over half of all U.S. households (51%) now own at least one Apple product, with most homes owning multiple products for an average of 1.6 devices per home.

The survey also pointed out some other interesting findings, such as the fact that Apple’s customers tend to be on the younger end of the age spectrum, and that people with more money tend to own more Apple products (obviously).

Now that Apple products are nearly as mainstream as toasters, it’s increasingly clear just how much of a hold Apple really has on consumers – and their wallets.


The chart really says it all. According to a new CNBC survey, 51% of all American homes now own at least one Apple product, with the national average being 1.6 Apple devices per household. And if you own an Apple product, you’re probably educated, young and doing well for yourself. Score all around!



J. Glenn Künzler

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