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Study: Mac Users Are More Fashionable Than PC Users (Infographic)

Study: Mac Users Are More Fashionable Than PC Users (Infographic)

It’s a common stereotype that Apple users are trendier, “cooler,” or more fashionable than PC users – an idea which even Apple took on with their Mac vs. PC advertisements. According to a new study by Bundle, however (via Huffington Post), that stereotype actually seems to be true!

study conducted by research firm Bundle analyzed data from over 700,000 computer users on how and where they spend their money. They discovered that while Mac users are more likely to drop tons of cash at luxury stores like Jimmy Choo, PC users lean towards more modest price points, like Old Navy. Even while outlet shopping, Mac users seek to score bargains at stores like Coach and Last Call byNeiman Marcus; PC users tended to be fans of the Van Heusen outlet and Columbia Sportswear.

It’s a pretty interesting conclusion to come to, and you can see the results represented in the below infographic. What are your thoughts? Are Mac users really more fashionable than PC users?


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