iCloud Email Hit With Extended Global Outage

iCloud Email Hit With Extended Global Outage

Apple’s iCloud services are experiencing significant issues, leaving many users without access to their iCloud mail since 9:30 AM ET today (and possibly earlier). The outage appears to affect different users in different ways, with some experiencing a complete outage while others see intermittent issues.

Apple is reportedly already aware of the issue, and is working to restore access. The company posted a status update at around 10 AM ET today, stating: “Users may be unable to access iCloud mail. Normal service will be restored ASAP. All other services are online and fully operational.”

According to MacRumors, there was a separate iCloud email outage yesterday, which Apple claimed to have resolved (although it  seems that they apparently didn’t). As such, some users have been unable to access their email for 24 hours or more.

While the outage is, according to Apple, only affecting less than one percent of users, it still must be terrible for that 1% – especially if they handle work matters and other important communications through their iCloud email account.

Similar iCloud outages occurred in both November and December of 2011. Apple so far ha not provided any estimate for when affected users can expect their email access to return.

  1. JimGresham says:

    ….just wait ’til your important calendar appointments and contact information won’t populate correctly either!

  2. K_behan says:

    I am in the UK and have not had any trouble with Mail, notes or any other iCloud areas.

  3. PissedOffAppleUser says:

    I’m in Japan and I can’t access iCloud on my iPad 2. The one day I really need access to my mail and it’s f@@@ed up! 
    I really hope someone at Apple reads these comments, because I’d like you to know what a pile of crap iCloud is – you should just have left MobileMe alone!!

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