New 5th-Gen iPod touch Referenced in iOS 5.1

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Code pointing to a new 5th-generation iPod touch was discovered in iOS 5.1, suggesting that Apple is preparing a significant update to the popular media player. The iPod touch hasn’t received a significant update since 2010, although new models (nearly identical to the previous generation) were released last September.

9to5Mac reports:

According to a file inside of an internal iOS 5.1 build, Apple is working on a fifth-generation iPod touch that is labeled iPod 5,1 internally. We haven’t heard any specifics regarding the new iPod touch hardware, but the jump from 4,1 (the current internal iPod touch label) to 5,1 indicates major internal changes, at the very least.

A new iPod touch model would likely feature a faster processor (perhaps an A5 or A5X chip, as used in the iPhone 4S or the new iPad), as well as an improved front and rear camera.

Although the iPod touch isn’t as popular as Apple’s other iOS devices, leading some to suggest that Apple should dump the device, it still serves a significant role as a gateway device to the iPhone,  amd remains among the more popular portable gaming devices.

  • Now there is one thing I’d like to see a bigger screen on, not my iPhone

  • I was worried. In Argentina, iPhones are REALLY expensive (maybe US$1200 the cheapest one), so I just buy the iPod Touch, which are like US$400 the 32 GB version. As they hadn’t released a new iPod Touch for such a long time, I thought they were going to dissapear, like the Macbook Classic, but NO! Here they are, and I’m happy happy happy. Thanks for the good news!

  • Paulthefencer

    Apple better not scrap the iPod touch. everyone seems to refer to this device as a gateway device and something used for gaming, but I use it for music. I don’t store music on my iPad 3, I store it on my iPod touch. And a faster processor for the new iPod would be a welcome addition, as my current iPod fourth-generation is running really slow since all the iOS 5 updates.

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  • I’m the opposite: I don’t want an iPhone at all, and never will – For me, cell phone contracts are a massive waste of money now that VOIP is free via Google Voice & such. I simply don’t need a phone everywhere, and free WiFi is practically every other block. I also have no interest in an iPad, as it’s too big to carry around comfortably. 
    Keep the iPod Touch alive! 


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