Phil Schiller Quits Instagram After Android Expansion

Posted in Apple News, Apps on 20/04/2012 by Henry Taylor-Gill


Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller has confirmed via his Twitter account that he has deleted his Instagram account as the app ‘jumped the shark’ when it launched on Android (via 9to5Mac). He later further explained his decision in an email to an Apple customer.

Even though Instagram managed to win app of the year and featured several times on the App Store, their expansion to the Android platform was clearly a step too far for Phil Schiller. Essentially, Schiller liked that Instagram was small and independent. Now that it’s huge and impersonal, he’s gone.

What are your thoughts? Is Phil Schiller being unreasonable?

  • Toledo8904

    Instagram jumped the shark when they sold out to Facebook, not android…

  • Erereer

    He is a hipster.

  • JG

    The android thing irked me to be sure but it was the selling to Facebook that got me.  I’m going to wait and see what Facebook does before I decide to ditch it or not.

    • Davaruna

      I did’t wait. I was insta-gone the next day, and any connection with Facebook says trouble.

  • pizzapunk

    Seriously, anything after the Apple Lisa is too impersonal for my taste. 

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