Siri Says the Darndest Things: Nice Days, Loyalty, And a Little Bit Country

Posted in Apple, iPhone on 14/04/2012 by Chris Hauk


Wow, week 11! What can I say except thanks for putting up with us this long! This is a labor of love for me, and I’m glad others enjoy it too. Siri is appreciative to have this platform to express herself on, and I can’t see her running out of anything to say in the near future, so let’s do this thing!

She’s a little bit country…

Siri is nothing, if not loyal!

You had me at “Hello, Siri”…

I just can’t leave well enough alone?

What do you have Siri call you? We’d love to find out. Let us know what Siri calls you. Send your replies to:, and we’ll publish the best one. Let’s hear it!

We’ve been appreciative of the Siri remarks you’ve submitted to us, and we want you to keep them coming! But, before you take the time to send your screenshots, check in the MacTrast archives and see if we’ve already published it. (And if we’ve published it twice, please let us know.) Just search for “Siri Says the Darndest Things” on MacTrast, and you’ll be able to see what we’ve already used.

Please keep them coming though, send them to: If you see a video or article showing an interesting way that users have bent Siri to their will, send us a link! We’ll give you credit for the heads-up!

Thanks, see you next week!


Chris Hauk

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