The DRONE – A Unique, Customizable Wireless Gamepad for Mac & iOS

Posted in Apple News, iOS, Mac on 14/04/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler


The iPhone and iPad are great for gaming, but sometimes you want a more authentic console-like experience – that means using a gamepad. While several game pads have been proposed or released for the iPhone or iPad, a new Kickstarter project called the DRONE takes things to a unique new level.

We have designed an innovative product to bridge the gap between the classic game controller and the current touch-screen devices. It’s an Open Source, Bluetooth, portable game controller for Smartphones and Tablets. You can now play all your favorite emulators using a real controller. Our controller is open source so you can upload your own code to modify the characteristics of the controller. This is all done on the Arduino platform that millions around the world are already familiar with.

The DRONE is a Bluetooth Human Interface Device, this means that you can use it with ANYTHING that has Bluetooth.  Computers, robots, phones, or tablets and you can connect as a joystick, keyboard, or gamepad.

Besides working with the iPhone and iPad (and coming with an angled stand to make it easier to view your device while holding the controller), the DRONE also works with any Bluetooth device, meaning you can also use it with your Mac, with a Windows PC, or even and Android device (if you must).

The project is currently less than 50% backed over at Kickstarter, and has just 5 days left – so if you want to see this become real, head over to Kickstarter and make a pledge today! A pledge of as little as $65 will get you a DRONE of your own if the project meets its funding goal.

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J. Glenn Künzler

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