Apple’s Hollywood Dominance: Apple Products Featured In 40% Of Blockbusters

Posted in Apple, Apple News on 15/05/2012 by Henry Taylor-Gill


Not only do Apple feature heavily in the technology industry, they are also heavily present in another completely different one: Hollywood, Business Insider reports. Apple devices appeared in 40% of all blockbusters last year alone. Many have also featured in older films (remember the PowerBook in Mission Impossible?).

More recently, there has been a Modern Family episode dedicated to buying Phil Dunphy an iPad and queuing outside the Apple Store as well as a Big Bang Theory episode revolving around Raj’s love for Siri.

Cinema and product placement in films can be a very lucrative form of advertising for both parties, however Apple’s presence is even more impressive as they haven’t had to pay a dime. Their products are included because the film makers want them, not because they have been paid.

Apple gadgets were discussed or shown 891 times in TV shows in 2011, another impressive stat when you think about it relative to how many  blockbuster TV shows were made in the same period. Business Insider even adds that product placement and appearances in films and TV shows is becoming even more important than TV advertising due to the number of people who download or rent them off iTunes instead of watching them on TV

Could Hollywood be yet another industry Apple have indirectly played their part in? I think it’s fair to say they have.


Henry Taylor-Gill

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