iOS Tip: How To Delete Movies Or TV Shows Off Your iOS Device Without A Computer

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How to: Delete Movies Or TV Shows Off Your iOS Device Without A Computer

From time to time you may find yourself running out of available storage on your iOS device. As video files consume a large volume of storage it is appropriate to consider deleting them from the device to make way for new content.

Following these instructions will permanently remove the video in question from your device. Please make sure you have a backup of the content prior to undertaking this process.

There are a couple of ways you can remove the video content from your iOS device without using a computer.

The first way is to launch the Video app and tap and hold the content you wish to delete until you see the ‘x’ appear in the top left hand corner as shown below:

Upon tapping the ‘x’ you will be presented with the following popup warning window:

As you can see you have the opportunity to cancel the delete process.

Upon confirming this, the video in question will be deleted and the storage space it was occupying will become available for you to use.

The second way to delete video content on your iOS device is to proceed to Settings > General > Usage and then look in the storage area for Video as shown below:

Tap on the area highlighted in the image above and the following will be displayed:

To delete one of the videos simply swipe from left to right over the video you wish to remove. As a result the following will be displayed:

Simply tap on delete and the video will be deleted without further warning.

You can also delve deeper into this area by simply taping on The Big Bang Theory for example. Doing so will bring up the following window containing more detailed information:

Initially the delete button will not be present. As before simply swipe over the title from left to right to present delete. This option also does not offer any additional warnings upon delete being tapped.

With all methods you will not be able to undo this process. Therefore, it is imperative that you have a backup of the video in question prior to deleting it.


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