Man Sues Apple for $5 Million Because They Charged Him Twice For Song

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Robert Herskowitz says he was double-charged for a song he downloaded from the iTunes Music Store. Now he wants his money back. Plus he’d like $4,999,997.42 as a little something for his troubles. He claims Apple “double-bills” with “troubling regularity” and is suing the Cupertino company for $5 million. reports that Herskowitz says that after making his $1.29 purchase from iTunes, Apple charged him twice. He claims to have contacted Apple, and says he received this response:

Your request for ‘Whatya Want from Me’ was carefully considered; however, according to the iTunes Store Terms of Sale, all purchases made on the iTunes store are ineligible for refund.

This policy matches Apple’s refund policies and provides protection for copyrighted materials.

Herskowitz claims Apple violated their own terms of agreement, and for good measure, California state and common laws. He also contends that the agreement governing use of Apple’s digital stores “says no such thing” about all purchases made on the iTunes Store being eligible for refunds.

However, a look at Apple’s Sales and Refund policy says otherwise. In it Apple specifically states: “The following products are not eligible for return: electronic software downloads, subscriptions to the Software-Up-To-Date program, Apple Gift Cards, and any Apple Developer Connection products.”

The store’s Terms and Conditions say it even clearer: “All sales and rentals of products are final.”

AppAdvice tried to duplicate the events leading up to Herskowitz’s lawsuit, but were unable to achieve the same results he claimed.

They ordered one new song in iTunes. Upon downloading the song, they once again attempted to purchase it. They were alerted that they had already purchased the tune, and could download it again at no charge.

They then checked their purchase history, which showed they were charged once for the song. They performed similar tests in the App Store and Mac App Store and had similar results.

AppAdvice: “Finally, we attempted to find the song Herskowitz claims he purchased twice, “Whatya Want from Me” for $1.29. In the U.S. iTunes Store anyway, there is no song by that name at that price. However, there are four songs that are listed by similar names. Each sells for $0.99.”

It is possible that Herskowitz’s charges are true, and Apple double-charged him for his song.  Time will tell what the courts have to say about it. Herskowitz’s federal class action suit was filed in California and covers the iTunes Store, App Store, iBookstore, and the Mac App Store.

Have you ever been double-charged for a song, movie, book, or app in any of Apple’s online stores? If so, how did you handle it? What was Apple’s response? We’d like to hear your story in the comments section below.

  • AGEGG92

    I got double charged for a movie once, but after a short email conversation with an Apple rep, I had my money refunded for the double purchase. No problem at all. This guy sounds like he is just in it for the extra cash. Get real buddy! Take the $1.29 loss and move on in life.

  • And we wonder why America is going to hell….

    • Umbrex


      we stille have the internet ….for a while 

  • Ah.   He downloaded two different songs with the same title.  

    And he thinks he can sue ?   What a maroon.

  • Km589218

    It’s “Whataya Want From Me” – I think it’s Adam Lambert. Proofreading pays – maybe $5 million!

  • Vdelatorre

    I onced purchased the incorrect app ( iPhone vs iPad ) and, after contacting Apple via e-mail, they quickly responded and credited my account with the amount charged, so I could download the proper app for my iPad! The rep that contacted me did so enthusiastically and promptly. I could not ask for more or better service…

  • I’ve accidentally purchased songs twice in the iTunes store several times.  Sometimes the same songs show up on multiple albums, etc.  I just shoot them an email, they recognize the problem and shoot me a refund.
    This guy sounds like a crackpot.

  • I was charged twice for the same album.  When I notified Apple, they quickly and might I add kindly refunded my money.  They were very helpful and kind.  I think that people are just too damn sue happy these days.  Maybe if people were held liable for there legal costs they would be less likely to sue.

    • I just read your comment and I was disappointed by it. It wasn’t what I was expecting and now I am an emotional wreck. You sir, you will be hearing from my lawyer. You better start saving now because I am suing for $3,535,953.33. Good day to you.

  • Ryan

    I accidentally purchased two copies of Top Gear, The Specials from iTunes and Apple refunded me the $18 just last week.

    • givememylibraryback

      I have been charged twice, sometime 3 times for an item, (song, app, whatever). I think the problem is that I am one person with multiple devices and I want them to operate independently in regards to apps and music, but be able to use my one Apple ID so that I can access all purchases through any device. Apple has previously helped with one or two items, and I have a call into them now, but am waiting for. Day that I can spend at least 3-4 hours trying to figure it all out. The last update renamed some of my devices and I previously had them specifically ID’d … So I can’t tell what is what when I look at iTunes. I constantly get “library cannot be backed up’ errors on my PC. My latest invoice shows 4 previously purchased songs as purchased from “_______”‘s iPad. (Blank representing my name). Not any of my devices are named that! It is a frustrating puzzle, and I am pretty sure Apple owes me far more than $1.29, and will hopefully refund for songs that are truly duplicated.

      This does not mean that if I purchased the same song from two different Albums I can get a refund for that song. Homesharing and the former iTunes helped me be able to identify which songs were available for download on each device, and also I could identify if there was a purchase that was not yet available from Homesharing if I was not using the device that I purchased it on. Simple fix, sync the “purchasing device” with my PC and then the new purchase showed in iTunes. Not anymore!!! Homesharing is no longer part of the equation on two of my devices because I updated, and recently (even though I have automatic updates OFF) another device was mysteriously updated and is now missing songs and apps! It is most likely those songs that had been purchased on that device but had not been synced that some of the charges are coming from.

      My investment into Apple products and the downloads makes it prohibitive to quit Apple, but I am seriously considering leaving.

      Worn Out
      3 pads and multiple phones for business, and personal use

  • Greeneyedhapa

    This guy is an idiot, when you buy a song from iTunes it automatically goes into your iCloud and if you try to purchase it again apple tells you that you already purchased it. Then it asks if you want to download for free. I have done this many times with no extra charges. Also 5 million really that is what’s wrong with stupid people they thing they should get millions for something so minor.

  • Martenf1

    The guy is just trying to get on the bandwagon to get something for nothing. I don’t know how this works in the US but Apple should drag this out in court to use up all his financial resources.

    I’m sick of hearing about all the leaches in society trying to do this sort of thing.

  • Yes, I have been, and they fixed the problem in a reasonable way.

  • I’ve just purchased an AppleCare for my Mac online and while reviewing my bank account a day after, I realized that I had 2 charges, one for the full amount that I recall having charged on my card, and then another charge for the price of the AppleCare without tax.

    The 2 charges are still pending on my bank’s ledger and I suspect/hope that only one goes through.

    Luckily I had enough to cover both charges, but if I hadn’t I would have triggered the overdraft protection and would have been charged a hefty fee by my bank.

    I will call Apple and will follow-up with the resolution to this madness.

  • I have been double purchased today. I had to wait on the phone for 10 minutes then representative told me I had the wrong department had to wait another 20 minutes for someone to tell me to go online. I better get my refund. They are giving me a serious run around. I will never purchase anything on itunes ever again! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

    • WSAY

      I hope that means we never have to hear your whining again.

  • cms4rks

    I was charged twice for a brand new iPad!

  • Ty

    I just purchases “monopoly for ipad” at the limited time price of $0.99 but was charged $1.98 — so I too was charged twice for the same purchase.


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