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All The ‘One More Things’ Brought Together In One Place

All The ‘One More Things’ Brought Together In One Place

“But there is one more thing…”

If there’s a tagline for Steve Jobs’ keynotes, that’s the one, and Apple Gazette has regrouped all those classic moments into one awesome feature. From Macworld 1998 to the last one more thing in the last keynote before his passing, they are all there, illustrating a great piece of Apple history.

It’s a great resource, and it also reminds you how many great Apple products were one more things: the Airport Base Station, Apple Cinema Displays and the G4 Cube were all of that category, and some important announcements were also announced in that fashion as well – like Steve Jobs going from interim CEO to CEO in 2000.

Again, it’s really worth taking a look at it, and I guarantee you it will leave you feeling nostalgic.


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