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Classic Macintosh OS Ported to Nook E-Reader

Classic Macintosh OS Ported to Nook E-Reader

In one of the most clever hardware hacks I have ever seen, members of the 68k Macintosh Liberation Army forums have managed to create a working install of the classic Macintosh OS on a Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch ebook reader (via CultofMac)! No matter how you feel about the Nook, you’ve gotta admit – that’s pretty cool!

While Macintosh OS does look a bit strange on the tablet, the Nook hardware is more than capable of running the platform. Using the Mini vMac II app, users can run any Classic Mac app on the display, which could bring back some great memories of Apple’s early hardware!

In reality, there’s almost no purpose in running Mac OS Classic on a Nook – or running Macintosh OS classic at all! Even so, those who own a Nook and have a bit of a nostalgic yearning for the technology of yesteryear will likely find this appealing.


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