Kanzatec: Apple At Core Of 60% Of Mobile Patent Lawsuits

Kanzatec: Apple At Core Of 60% Of Mobile Patent Lawsuits

With the number of lawsuits between tech companies flying around, it’s hard to make head or tail of anything. But according to Kanzatec, an IP consulting firm, a huge 60% of those involve Apple, with Samsung, Motorola and Kodak also heavily involved, Bloomberg reports. (Click on image for full size).

It’s above all very amusing to have a graphic view of the chaos that is the legal side of the tech industry. Everybody is suing everybody else, more in response to a lawsuit brought against them than anything else. I reckon if the company hadn’t been sued in the first place, it wouldn’t have sued itself at all, so it’s all rather farcical.

“I would speculate that Apple will continue to be at the center of the litigation map of large mobile IT companies for as long as it maintains its dominant place in the market,” said Feisal Mosleh, a senior vice president at Kanzatec.


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