Report: Ultrabook Makers ‘Facing Threats from Apple’

Posted in Apple, Apple News, Mac on 09/07/2012 by Chris Hauk


Ultrabook PC makers are reported to be facing legal threats from Apple over Ultrabook designs that resemble the MacBook Air.


Because of Apple’s alleged threats, Windows-based Ultrabook makers are expected to invest more in research and development to avoid patent infringement lawsuits, according to DigiTimes. Some thin-and-light PC makers are said to have already hesitated with their Ultrabook plans in fear of a lawsuit from Apple.

While Apple has shown a tendency to protect its patents for design and technologies for mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad, it has not yet taken a shot at Ultrabook makes who compete with the MacBook Air.

Stacy Wolff, vice president of Industrial Design at Hewlett-Packard, dismissed concerns that Apple could sue and accuse HP of copying the design of the MacBook Air. “Apple may like to think they own silver, but they don’t,” Wolff said. “In no way did HP try to mimic Apple. In life there are a lot of similarities.”

Ultabooks feature many of the same features as the MacBook Air: Solid State Storage, instant-on, and a super thin design with no optical drive in the laptop.

The Ultrabook specification was created by chipmaker Intel.


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