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Angry Birds Updated With 15 New Levels, All-New ‘Power-Ups’

Posted in Apps, iOS, News on 03/08/2012 by J. Glenn Künzler


While Rovio may have just released their new game Amazing Alex, they certainly haven’t forgotten about Angry Birds – the game that brought them to the top! The original Angry Birds has just been updated with 15 new tropical-themed levels, and something new: Power-ups!

The addition of power-ups is very interesting, and Rovio has included four of them in the game. Graham Spencer of MacStories has rounded up the details on what to expect from each power-up:

  • King Sling upgrades your slingshot for “maximum power and velocity”
  • Birdquake will bring the pigs’ defenses “crashing to the ground”
  • Super Seeds will turn your bird into a “pig-popping giant”
  • Sling Scope lets you use laser targetting for “pinpoint precision”

A few power-ups are provided for free for playing the game, and users can earn one free power-up each day – but after that, they’ll have to be purchased through In-App Purchasing. Perhaps Rovio has decided pretty much everyone already owns Angry Birds, and needed a new way to make money from it?

The update is available now from the App Store.

J. Glenn Künzler


J. Glenn Künzler

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