Video Review + Giveaway: Koala Wall Mount for iPad

Rating: 4/5

Posted in Apple, iPad, Reviews on 21/08/2012 by Nate Chiger


Mounting your iPad or tablet on a wall can actually come in handy. The Koala Mount will do exactly that, all while keeping your wall damage free.


To stick to the wall the Koala Mount uses Command Strips, which are little adhesive strips that stick to your wall and come off without leaving a mark. Simply stick the strips onto the backs of the two pieces of the Koala Mount, and press it against your wall. It’s that easy. The Koala Mount is compatible with all generations of the iPad, as well as other tablets on the market. It is also specifically designed to allow all ports and buttons to be accessible on the supported tablets.


A small downside could be the fact that you are putting all your trust into the command strips to keep your iPad from falling. However, the command strips are rated to about 5 pounds, which is more than any portable device on the market. So, if applied right, you shouldn’t have any problems.


Rating: 4.0/5[rating:4.0]

With all of that being said, the Koala Mount is still a great product. With the abundance of iPad apps available combined with the Koala Mount, there are endless uses for it. It retails for $20 and comes in black, white, and chrome. Again, here is the link.


The creators have kindly sent me out an additional Koala Mount to give away. The steps are simple; justĀ follow me on Twitter, and leave a comment on the YouTube video with your Twitter username for your chance to win!


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