Apple To Reduce Thickness Of Backlit Keyboard In 2013?

Posted in Apple News on 27/09/2012 by Henry Taylor-Gill


Apple has seemingly put a lot of focus into making it’s products thinner and lighter, especially with the latest iPhone, and if a report from Digitimes is to be believed, it could also be reducing the thickness of the backlighted keyboard in the Macbook Pro and Air as soon as 2013.


Since the current injection process for the production of 0.4mm light guide plates has been optimized to its limit, makers utilizing extrusion processes are likely to win orders for 0.25mm light guide plates, the sources indicated.

It would make sense, but Digitimes is known to not be 100% reliable, so the timeframe in which they claim Apple will do it might not be accurate.

Apple currently uses light plates from Japan’s NJK and Taiwan’s Global Lighting Technologies, while according to the sources, Apple’s Macbook shipments are excepted to 15 million in 2012.

It would be amazing if Apple managed to get its notebooks even thinner, especially the Air, but the keyboard could be the difference, so hopefully this rumor comes true.


Henry Taylor-Gill

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