Report: Apple Will Replace Broken iPhone 5 Screens In-Store

Report: Apple Will Replace Broken iPhone 5 Screens In-Store

Sure, you don’t want to think about it, God knows you just got your hands on your bright shiny new iPhone 5, but what happens if you break it? What if, ::GASP!:: the screen breaks? No worries faithful followers, Apple has got it all covered, and they’ll probably repair your object of desire in the store!

iMore, via iDownloadBlog:

“iMore has learned from sources within Apple retail that broken iPhone 5 displays may soon be getting replaced in-store. This would be a change from Apple’s current iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 practice, which consisted of swapping the entire iPhone out for a new or refurbished one. Sources within Apple retail have told us that equipment used to remove the screens has started appearing in their stores.”

There’s no word on how much the service will cost, or if you will need to have purchased AppleCare+ to take advantage of the service. You still have to figure it’ll cost less than the price of a new phone.

iMore usually knows of what it speaks, so I’m inclined to believe that this is gonna happen.

So, be careful with your new love, treat her gently. But if you do happen to break that long, beautiful screen, rest assured she can be restored to her former beauty, in the store, hopefully while you wait.

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