New EarPods and iPod touch loop Announced At Special Event

Posted in Apple, iPod on 12/09/2012 by Henry Taylor-Gill


Apple has launched a new pair of headphones, or EarPods, which have been completely redesigned to give you better sound and fit your ear more comfortably. Also announced was the iPod touch loop, a neat accessory that you can attach to the new iPod touch to make it easier to carry and handle.

According to Apple, the EarPods were designed after scanning hundreds of ears and was something three years in the making. Three ports (on in the stem, one in the back for mid tones and the main one) maximise airflow.

They are available from today (when the Apple Store is back up) but will also come with the new iPod touch and iPod nano, so don’t buy a pair if you’re getting one of those anyway.

The loop meanwhile attaches  to a special fixing on the new iPod touch, rather like on a point and shoot camera, so you can dangle it off your wrist and handle it more easily. It’s straightforward but handy, especially when you’re hands are full.

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Henry Taylor-Gill

Henry is a student who is a huge Apple fan, and has used their products since day one. He can remember how happy he was when he received the first iPod back in 2001 as a birthday present. He has an international background, having spent most of his life in France but he now lives in the UK. He is also a native French speaker and can also speak Spanish at a decent level. In addition to tech, Henry is an avid sports fan and has his own sports blog.